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#14746: Post Kinds/Styles/Types
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Comment(by filosofo):

 Replying to [comment:42 ryan]:
 >  * Inject the "template" slug into get_post_class() "template-$slug"

 Is there any chance that we can use some other terminology than
 "template"?  It's not just that WP already has a meaning for "template";
 it gets especially confusing because this system involves those other
 "templates" in sort of a meta-categorization of them.

 Lemme suggest "mode" again: "gallery," "asides," and "videos" are
 descriptions of those posts in "a particular functioning condition or
 arrangement," or their "manner of acting or doing," or a "particular type
 or form of"---a "designated condition or status" of those posts. The
 quotations come from the definitions of "mode".

 In other words, ''these'' posts are acting as "asides," whereas ''those''
 compose the "gallery."

 >  * Deprecate the Page Template feature in favor of the above, which is
 more consistent (themes register against agreed upon terms rather than
 store theme specific file names in post meta), more flexible (the template
 slug can be used for template loading,  post classes, or whatever the
 theme wants), and is i18n friendly (unlike having strings in the theme

 A quibble: a lot of people use Custom Page Templates to assign markup to
 one specific page, rather than a type or general class of page.   For
 example, I see a lot of "About us" templates, meant to add things to an
 about page, such as maps and contact forms.  Perhaps I'm misunderstanding
 what you want this system to do, but it doesn't seem to make much sense to
 speak of an "about us" ''kind'' of page or post, when that template has
 been tailor-made for one instance of a page.

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