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#14513: Time for a wp_post_relationships table?
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Comment(by mikeschinkel):

 Replying to [comment:43 scribu]:
 > That's funny, because I'm also moving my Posts 2 Posts plugin away from
 taxonomies. Not because of instability, but because there was no clean way
 to add additional information per connection. So, the next version will
 have not one, but two custom tables: wp_p2p and wp_p2pmeta.
 > Due to the second table, you can connect the same two posts more than
 one time, but with different metadata.
 > Here's the discussion that led to this change:
 > http://wordpress.org/support/topic/plugin-posts-2-posts-how-to-add-info-

 Glad the use-cases becoming evident.

 However, why do you really need '''''two''''' new tables?  Wouldn't one
 work?  The one table could link two posts with a third ID that links to a
 taxonomy_term or another post for context.

 Of course you might need the second table for what effectively would be
 taxonomy meta but it seems that taxmeta was getting thumbs up for 3.1 so
 that could be moot?

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