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#15219: WordPress importer UX/UI review
 Reporter:  duck_        |       Owner:                    
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 The newly improved WordPress WXR importer needs some UX love to improve it

 A few things that I know need improving:

 '''Results and feedback'''
 Currently you will either see "All done. Have fun!" or a list of errors
 and "All done. Have fun!". Clearly this isn't really enough information.
 The old importer listed every single item being imported and associated
 errors, which I thought was too much information for a large import. My
 thoughts was to do something like show the red error message block if any
 errors occur and have a JS enabled link in this to show a more detailed
 list of items that were not imported, followed by a table of results
 displaying the number of succeses, failures and skips (for content already
 present) for each of the separate sets of data imported.

 '''Error strings'''
 These need to be useful, there's not much point in saying something went
 wrong but not giving enough information to diagnose the real issue. They
 also need to be displayed well (see above), an example of a weird one is
 trying to import a WXR 1.0 file with an author with a display name

 The fix for #13627 needs to be done properly. The role a new user will be
 imported as is now being displayed but I don't think it's prominent enough
 yet. You'll see that it's mentioned on step two when choosing how authors
 will be imported, but if you're someone like me who often only skims
 instructions it is pretty easy to miss. Maybe some bold/highlighting and
 another reminder on the final screen?

 Anything else people notice as not clear enough when giving the importer a

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