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#14492: Font doesn't show correctly in 3.0.1
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 I've been using Wordpress since 2.x series and never really had a problem
 (except with BPress but thats a different story). Yesterday i recieved the
 notification of the 3.0.1 upgrade, so i updated. Soon after I realized
 that everything went completely wrong, even though the upgrade was
 successful. As the pictures I'm going to attach show, my AdminPanel and my
 blog itself are affected now. The AdminPanel doesn't show all text, text
 in buttons, or text/tabs aren't functional, etc. And my blog just doesn't
 show the text at all, yet if you check the HTML Output Source it'll show
 that the text is there, its just not visible. Everything was fine in
 v3.0.0 and only after upgrading to 3.0.1. I've done everything I could
 think of like deactivating plugins, reinstalling 3.0.1, and changing my
 themes. Changing to the Core bundled themes, ends up showing the text on
 the blog, but doesn't fix the Admin issue. Changing themes should NOT be
 the answer to this issue with only a revision update.

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