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#10976: Add $before_content and $after_content to widget options
 Reporter:  newkind      |        Owner:  azaozz 
     Type:  enhancement  |       Status:  closed 
 Priority:  normal       |    Milestone:  2.9    
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 Severity:  normal       |   Resolution:  wontfix
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Comment(by gordonbrander):

 I also thing this is would be a very helpful feature. It's a very common
 markup pattern for everything from articles to callout modules.

 In addition to the example use-case greenshady gave, here are some others:

 From a semantic standpoint I think it's valuable to be able to define the
 content area of a widget as a unique entity. This is a logical markup
 structure found in microformats like hAtom (.entry-content), hProduct
 (.description), as well as a common ad-hoc pattern. Check out the comments
 on ma.tt for example (.comment-body), or the articles in the new HTML5
 Toolbox theme. As widget areas are used in more areas than just sidebars
 (reorder-able home pages for example), this will become even more useful.
 I may, for example, want to create a reorder-able magazine home page
 syndicated with the hAtom microformat.

 From a practical standpoint it allows you to create more flexible design
 systems for sites. For example, you may have a widget with padding and a
 background color. That widget may contain content wrapped in a paragraph,
 or just a naked string of text (you never know with clients). If there is
 a naked string of text, your pretty bottom spacing is gone. But, if you
 have a content wrapper, you can put a bottom margin on the content equal
 to the margin of the potential paragraph tag. Boom: margin collapse takes
 care of the rest, keeping your spacing consistent and your design

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