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#13583: Wordpress -> WordPress breaks quotations
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Comment(by chipbennett):

 Replying to [comment:35 JohnONolan]:
 > I'm sorry but that's just not true, we absolutely can assume user intent
 with respect to editorial changes in this circumstance.

 No, you cannot. Period. End of story. Only the *user* gets to define his

 If you were at *all* concerned with helping the user, this capitalization
 correction would exist as a spell-check rule. As implemented, it merely
 exists to scratch a pedantic itch.

 > The word is WordPress, that is the correct and trademarked name.

 Utterly and completely irrelevant. Trademark has nothing to do with this
 discussion, or with the capital_P_dangit filter.

 > It should always be written as WordPress...

 That's not your call to make. Remember: free software. The developer's
 intent is irrelevant. Only the user's intent matters. If the user writes
 "Wordpress" the software should not filter that content to output
 "WordPress", just because the developer believes that it "should always be
 written" that way.

 > there is no alternative correct way to write it. The only time that you
 would not want to write WordPress would be to demonstrate the incorrect
 writing of the word which, as Nacin has already said, is an edge

 Ironically, this filter itself is creating another, very-likely scenario:
 mis-capitalizing "WordPress" as a form of protest.
 > [[BR]]
 > For the record this isn't adamant support for anything at all, it's just
 stating the facts.

 What facts?

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