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#13583: Wordpress -> WordPress breaks quotations
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     Type:  defect (bug)  |       Status:  closed 
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Component:  General       |      Version:  3.0    
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Comment(by chipbennett):

 Apparently, *everything* is an "edge case".

 Users should not have to jump through hoops to prevent WordPress from
 making un-desired editorial changes to content.

 And before it gets used again: let us dispense with the canard that
 texturize is in any way analogous. Changing a quote to a curly quote is a
 *cosmetic* change. Changing -- to an emdash is a *cosmetic* change.
 Changing ... to an ellipsis is a *cosmetic* change. All of these changes
 *preserve* user intent.

 Changing spelling and/or capitalization is an *editorial* change. Such a
 change *alters* content from that which the user intended.

 Argue editorial changes on their own merits; just don't try to equate them
 to cosmetic changes.

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