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#14184: empty() and "0" in class-http.php
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Comment(by jacobsantos):

 I agree that the cookie and header are bugs and should be fixed. The
 others, I will say no. I have argued coding style before and it is more or
 less like talking to a brick wall. Get on IRC and talk to one of the core
 committers and have at it. If they decide that all string comparisons are
 going to be checked with {{{$var == ''}}}, then so be it.

 The research was using both the RFCs and using live data and looking at
 the raw chunk-encoded body. In all of the cases I've looked at (the raw
 chunked encoded body), the last was always a '0'. That is not to say that
 corrections or errata of the standard won't change that or that it will
 always be that way. It is to simply say that live data at that time did
 not suggest that two digits for the last chunk were used and the
 implementation reflected that.

 I can't tell you how much time, testing, and effort went into checking and
 double checking against the RFCs, live data, and unit testing against real
 servers. What you read in the RFC is sometimes not what you see in live
 environments. Always be "liberal with input and conservative with output."
 [http://www.postel.org/postel.html] Meaning accept as much as you can and
 try to correct another mistakes.

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