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#9674: Better support for custom post types
 Reporter:  wnorris                 |        Owner:  ryan    
     Type:  task (blessed)          |       Status:  reopened
 Priority:  normal                  |    Milestone:  3.0     
Component:  Administration          |      Version:  2.9     
 Severity:  normal                  |   Resolution:          
 Keywords:  has-patch tested early  |  

Comment(by ryan):

 Big patch that does the following:

  * Merged edit-pages.php into edit.php. edit.php can now handle both
 hierarchical and flat post types.
  * Introduce $current_screen global object. This collects pagenow,
 typenow, and some other things into into struct that can be passed around
 more easily.
  * Changes all of the funcs that took a screen name to also accept a
 screen object
  * Lots of cleanup as a result of passing the screen object around since
 there is no longer need to juggle several globals.
  * wp_edit_posts_query() now handles all post types
  * Column header functions are fully type aware and adjust the columns
 shown based on the post type's capabilties
  * autosave generate nonces is type aware
  * inline_edit_row() is type aware but needs some more work
  * Contextual help for core admin pages moved out of template.php and into
 the respective files.
  * Moved a few global defines from admin-header.php to admin.php so they
 are available earlier. This is mainly for add_contextual_help() which must
 be run before admin-header.php is included.
  * Made some gettext strings more generic to accommodate any type.
  * Type awareness in more places

 There are still things to fix with quick edit and saving screen options.
 There are some small back compat breaks. Some names for usermeta keys
 changed, meaning screen preferences can be lost for a few pages. Maybe not
 a big deal, but working in some back compat would be nice.  Some filter
 names changed when made type aware. Some back compat to support the old
 names is needed.

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