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#10778: PHP Warning in class-IXR.php when $method is array
 Reporter:  orensol       |       Owner:  josephscott               
     Type:  defect (bug)  |      Status:  new                       
 Priority:  normal        |   Milestone:  2.9                       
Component:  XML-RPC       |     Version:                            
 Severity:  normal        |    Keywords:  xmlrpc, class-IXR, warning

Comment(by G.hue):

 There is a problem at line 352 of wp-includes/class-IXR.php when system

 substr($method, 0, 5)

 $method can be an array, as you can see line 363 of wp-includes/class-


 If $method is an array, the substr function on '''line 352 display a
 Warning Error'''.

 If $method is an array, system will display a Warning Error '''but
 continue doing well on server side.'''

 If $method is an array, '''the client will NOT be ok''' when it analyse
 the returned xml because there is the Warning displaying on the XML
 returned, not well formed.

 On xmlrpc.php there is that on line 57/58:

 // Turn off all warnings and errors.
 // error_reporting(0);

 If you uncomment error_reporting(0), you can't see the bug. Maybe a

 $method is an array when you call a method from an object plugin, like
 that :

 In constructor class:

 add_action('xmlrpc_methods', array(&$this, 'xmlrpc_methods'));

 Then in the class of plugin, the given method array '''array(&$this,
 'xmlrpc_testConnexion')''' is the problem:

 public function xmlrpc_methods($methods) {
                 $methods['pu.testConnexion'] = array(&$this,
                 return $methods;

 And the function in the class:

 public function xmlrpc_testConnexion($args){
                 return "test";

 The xml returned is :

 <br /><b>Warning</b>:  substr() expects parameter 1 to be string, array
 given in <b>C:\XXX\class-IXR.php</b> on line <b>352</b><br

 PHP Version is 5.3.0

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