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#11008: Improve copy of first post to provide useful info and tips
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Comment(by demetris):

 New revision is up.  Now with more signal and less noise, thanks to
 filosofo’s help.

 See formatted text here:  http://op109.net/184/wp-29-hello-world-r004

 Editable copy at:  http://op111.etherpad.com/3

 Replying to [comment:2 filosofo]:
 > > Subscribe to the WordPress mailing list for update notifications
 > It doesn't make sense to have a <ul> with just one item: in that case
 it's not really a list.  If you just mean to emphasize this sentence then
 use <em> tags or the like.

 My intention was to emphasize, yes.  And I would not like to put a whole
 sentence of linkable text within strong or em tags.

 But another reason I made it like this is that I’m thinking of it as the
 first and most important item in a todo list which is briefly interrupted
 for a quick explanation,  and then resumes.

 To put it another way, if I used an ordered list, I would start the other
 part like this:

 <ol start="2">

 BTW, HTML5 brought back the start attribute, which makes me happy! :-D

 Does this make any sense?  If it doesn’t, let’s change it.

 > For the "enjoying the WordPress experience" list, "in" is not the right
 preposition. "Users › Your Profile" either describes navigation hierarchy
 (in which one one item is ''under'' another) or a web page's location,
 which usually has information ''on'' it.
 I switched the parts of the items around, but I’m having trouble with the
 prepositions.  Now that the parts are reversed, “at” sounds better than
 “on” to me.  Don’t know...

 But I like the reversed scheme, because it allows dropping the repetitive
 “You can”.

 > How about a link to the support forums?  Could we link the action items
 to their corresponding Codex pages?

 I thought about the Codex myself when making the first draft.  But I don’t
 like the idea of linking to the forums —  let people go to the Codex and
 read first, and, if they cannot find help there, the forums are one click

 I also thought about linking the action items, but to their admin URLs,
 not to the Codex.  (Printing the links after checking for capabilities.)

 Is this a bad or a good idea?

 (I did not try to write the code myself, because it would likely be the
 less secure code ever written.  :-D  I’m not a developer.)

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