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#10957: Change to defines WP_SITEURL and WP_HOME & Settings
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Comment(by hakre):

 Replying to [comment:12 Frumph]:
 > Being as it may, if someone needs their url changed because of an
 accident in changing it via the settings -> general, having it grayed out
 is wrong.

 If they would have changed it via settings -> general it will never be
 grayed out. so this is a bogus argument.

 > Using the defines to set the proper url then giving the ability to
 modify it in the settings-general to fix the mistake is proper, even
 though you they can hit the options.php file with circumvents even having
 them grayed out to begin with.

 so for what are you argumenting here now? that it's okay to have it greyed
 out because the input element can not be used any longer to edit

 > No this is not a bogus report.

 To clearify things I think it's adviseable to define what the "mistake"
 is. when you write about "mistake", please provide a step-by-step
 description of what the user did and where you think user made a mistake.
 Was the mistake to use constants to configure the blog? Was the mistake to
 not read the documentation why the input elements were greyed out? Please
 be specific.

 It looks to me that a third person was not aware of the fact that
 constants were used to configure a certain blog. Then that person was
 quick at hand to open a ticket before consulting the documentation. RTFM.

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