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#10898: direct theme install error is not reported
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 I just spent a few hours banging my head against a wordpress 2.8.4
 installation which was mysteriously failing to accept a theme upload
 through the web UI.  Instead of accepting the upload, it kept giving me a
 "failed to connect to ftp server" message and prompting me for ftp
 credentials.  This was odd, because other installations simply accepted my
 upload and installed it.

 After some experimentation, here's what seems to be going on:

 1. Wordpress tries accepting my theme file and installing it directly
 (from within the web server process).

 2. If that fails, Wordpress falls back to installing via ftp.

 Problem: It never tells me the cause of the original failure, or even that
 there was a failure in the first place!

 In this case, the original failure turned out to be related to file
 ownership in the wp-admin directory.  Regardless, the failure should yield
 a helpful error message so the sysadmin can fix it, not just pretend that
 nothing went wrong and move on to ftp as if that was the only way to
 install a theme.

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