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#5183: General Meta-Data Table
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 Replying to [comment:25 Denis-de-Bernardy]:

 Are you are wanting to see the terms/term_relationships/term_taxonomy
 table go away?  Can I assume because you want to see foreign key

 Here is my perspective and I've got over 20 years database experience on
 several different platforms as a developer, as a trainer, and as a book
 author. In my earlier years I was very much into 3rd normal form,
 referential integrity, explicit tables and relationships and so on. What I
 found was complexity quickly ratcheted up and significant flexibility was
 lost with that approach.

 Since I'm worked with both Drupal and WordPress I've really come to
 appreciate the elegant simplicity and flexibily of the models used and
 would never go back to the other if I could help it. I really think that
 enforcing referential integrity at the database level would be a real
 mistake. If you want an enterprise class app that evidently doesn't use
 database-level foreign key constraints take a look at SAP.

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