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#10186: Add global $iis_version
 Reporter:  peaceablewhale  |       Owner:                  
     Type:  enhancement     |      Status:  new             
 Priority:  normal          |   Milestone:  2.9             
Component:  General         |     Version:  2.8             
 Severity:  normal          |    Keywords:  has-patch tested

Comment(by dd32):

 > What do you think?

 I think its possible. However, a point that we dont need to worry about.

 $version = 10.4;

 var_dump( $version == true );
 = true

 PHP will evaluate anything non-false/null/zero to be true in the above

 (Of course, $version === true would be false, But thats going to be rarely
 used, a triple check along with a true.. most people are just going to do

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