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#8256: Caption and alternative text should not be the same
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Comment(by aaroncampbell):

 Here's an example that will hopefully explain how they're different.  It's
 based off an old blonde joke (not sure why this was the first example that
 popped into my head).  Say I had a picture of a monitor with lines of
 Wite-out all over the screen.  I might put the capture "Blonde hard at
 work" or "Blondes and technology" but that's not enough if the person
 can't see the picture.  I'd probably put Alt text like "Computer monitor
 with Wite-out on the screen" or the more generic "Monitor covered in
 correction fluid"

 They each have their place, one describes the image (for those that can't
 see it) and one *could* describe the image, but may just as easily
 describe thoughts about the image, ask questions about the image ("What
 was he thinking?"), offer commentary on the image, crack jokes about the
 image, etc.

 I know it was a strange example, but I'm sure I could look at a few sites
 and come up with more if it would be helpful.  I think the real question
 is "What's the best way to solve this while keeping as much backward
 compatibility as possible?"

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