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Tue Feb 24 04:36:25 GMT 2009

#8927: allow turning off 'calling home' even _before_ install
 Reporter:  jidanni                               |        Owner:  jacobsantos
     Type:  enhancement                           |       Status:  closed     
 Priority:  lowest                                |    Milestone:  2.8        
Component:  HTTP                                  |      Version:  2.7        
 Severity:  trivial                               |   Resolution:  fixed      
 Keywords:  dev-feedback has-patch needs-testing  |  

Comment(by jidanni):

 Replying to [comment:16 jacobsantos]:
 > No, sorry, that should read, "Will only make requests '''to''' localhost
 and your blog host."
 OK, I'm happy. Thanks.

 As far as whitelists/blacklists go, all I know is I've seen too much
 software that was missing one of the pair, causing later regret...

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