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Wed Feb 11 00:47:33 GMT 2009

#8210: SSH2 Filesystem transport; Multiple issues
 Reporter:  DD32                     |        Owner:     
     Type:  defect (bug)             |       Status:  new
 Priority:  normal                   |    Milestone:  2.8
Component:  Upgrade                  |      Version:  2.7
 Severity:  normal                   |   Resolution:     
 Keywords:  has-patch needs-testing  |  
Comment (by DD32):

 > attachment 8210.2.diff added.
  * First block of {{{wp-admin/includes/class-wp-filesystem-ssh2.php}}} and
 {{{wp-admin/includes/file.php}}} fix the use of keys with an empty
  * All other modifications to {{{wp-admin/includes/class-wp-filesystem-
 ssh2.php}}} are similar to that of t.baboon's patch, but doesnt prefix
 paths (Should be no need to at all..)
    * These need testing.. My server has decided it doesnt like SSH, so i
 cant test any of this.. Authentication works though..

 t.baboon: Not sure how your patch worked in the first place.. escape_dot()
 is a class member function, yet you're calling it like any other
 function.. it should've been $this->escape_dot(....).. Which is why I've
 not even touched your patch.. just didnt look like it'd work..

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