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#8999: Completely New LiveJournal Importer
 Reporter:  beaulebens               |        Owner:          
     Type:  task (blessed)           |       Status:  reopened
 Priority:  normal                   |    Milestone:  2.8     
Component:  Import                   |      Version:  2.7     
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Comment (by beaulebens):

 Replying to [comment:41 ryan]:
 > You would need to do an optimize table too to reclaim unused space and
 defrag data after deleting the indices.  And if someone imports into an
 existing blog that already has a bunch of comments, adding and deleting
 indices can take awhile.  Can we add indices only when the import is large
 and there aren't already a bunch of comments in the DB?
 ATM I'm only adding the indices if there are more than 5000 comments being
 imported (relatively arbitrary number), but good point on the OPTIMIZE
 once done. From what I've seen, it only takes around 15 seconds (each) to
 add the 3 indices on the table, even when there's already 200,000 comments
 in there. Seems like an acceptable wait given the alternative is waiting
 for hours for your import to complete?

 Deleting indices takes around 7 seconds per index.

 I'll add an OPTIMIZE once done (in the event that it did actually add the

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