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#7069: Autosave does not work in TinyMCE's fullscreen mode
 Reporter:  mdawaffe      |        Owner:  azaozz
     Type:  defect (bug)  |       Status:  closed
 Priority:  high          |    Milestone:  2.6   
Component:  General       |      Version:  2.6   
 Severity:  normal        |   Resolution:  fixed 
 Keywords:  has-patch     |  
Comment (by zaneselvans):

 I'm running WP 2.7 with Turbo/Google Gears enabled, and I just ran afoul
 of this, or another similar bug and lost an entire morning's worth of
 writing.  During the editing session (in full screen mode) my network
 connection cut out, and I had to re-connect, potentially changing my DHCP
 address.  When I attempted to return to normal editing mode (get out of
 full screen) I was asked to log back into WP, and found to my dismay that
 none of the changes which had been made in full-screen mode had been

 It would be very nice if the autosave process were more robust, and if,
 perhaps, one could get feedback in fullscreen mode as to whether
 autosaving is taking place (or failing), allowing one to take precautions
 before changing views (like, a quick ctrl-A, crtl-C just to be safe).

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