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#7307: Make Kubrik theme translatable
 Reporter:  msi08                     |        Owner:  anonymous
     Type:  enhancement               |       Status:  closed   
 Priority:  low                       |    Milestone:           
Component:  General                   |      Version:           
 Severity:  minor                     |   Resolution:  wontfix  
 Keywords:  kubrik theme translation  |  
Comment (by msi08):

 I think you underestimate theme authors. If one is interested to make a
 theme, one will read the manuals and all the stuff. And even with a
 limited knowledge of PHP, one will understand a line like the line, you

 Just keep in mind that Kubrik is the default theme. I did use it while
 making the first steps with WordPress. I can just speak for the german
 users. Most users want to display the theme in their native language. They
 have to wait for an update of the german WP version. And what will happen
 with the automatic upgrade function in version 2.7? It would overwrite the
 Kubrik files if necessary. I personally do not think that this is a good

 I would really like to see that translated Kubrik version as a part of the
 regular installation.

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