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#7812: What about upgrade instructions on plugin auto upgrade?
 Reporter:  whoismanu       |        Owner:  anonymous
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Comment (by whoismanu):

 thanks for the replies guys. and sorry for double posting on this issue,
 don't know how i couldn't see the other ticket, i even searched - well not
 well enough apparently.

 jacobsantos: thanks for your recommendation, that is exactly what causes
 problems in my case and i already planned to do what you suggest for the
 next release. i still think there should be some guidelines on how to
 structure plugins on http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/about/ to prevent
 problems like this in the first place.

 DD32: that's good news and i think it is good enough (no need to force
 users to view it). since the last release my plugin has an upgrade note
 like the one you suggest, however i think that what you say will come in
 2.7 is much cleaner. regarding storing files in the plugin directory, i
 now understand that this is bad practice and should not be done, however,
 the plugin authors should be made aware of this, see my answer to
 jacobsantos above.

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