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#8119: Attempts to edit deleted categories are not properly handled
 Reporter:  mrmist             |        Owner:  westi
     Type:  defect             |       Status:  new  
 Priority:  normal             |    Milestone:  2.8  
Component:  Taxonomy           |      Version:  2.7  
 Severity:  normal             |   Resolution:       
 Keywords:  reporter-feedback  |  
Comment (by mrmist):

 The above warnings and errors were produced without WP_DEBUG.

 With regards to version I reproduced this last night when the svn was up
 to 9668 I think.  Doesn't look like I noted down the original svn revision
 but I guess it's safe to say that this code hasn't ever changed, because
 the case to produce it is not that frequently seen.

 In case I've not been clear in this note that this is not just about
 deleting or editing categories.  That works just fine and dandy. This is
 about a situation where you have two concurrent users working on the same
 category.  So, for the sake of reproduction for test purposes it would be

 1. Log on in one browser as a user, go to categories.php
 2. Log on in another browser as a different user, go to categories.php
 3. As one of the users, delete a category.
 4. As the other user, now attempt to edit the category that was just

 In normal edit, the edit screen now appears, but it's obviously not
 populated because the cat has been deleted. There's no message to indicate
 that the category has been deleted, though. (Such as you get if you try to
 edit a deleted page/post).  Instead you get warnings at the top as I noted
 in my previous comment.

 5. Fill in the edit category box anyway, and press edit category and you
 get the message "Your attempt to edit this category: "" has failed."  You
 can go back, but you cannot (successfully) progress from the edit category

 I cannot reliably reproduce the error message condition which I originally
 referred to.

 If you additionally enable wp_debug, you get the following notices on the
 edit cat page -

 br /><b>Notice</b>:  Trying to get property of non-object in
 <b>/home/www/htdocs/svn/trunk/wp-admin/edit-category-form.php</b> on line
 <b>52</b><br />

 For lines 57,63,69 as well.

 Then on the Error page -

 Notice: Undefined property: WP_Error::$name in /home/www/htdocs/svn/trunk
 /wp-includes/category.php on line 201

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