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Fri Nov 21 12:37:47 GMT 2008

#8091: "Parent" Comment Class
 Reporter:  ThemeShaper               |        Owner:          
     Type:  enhancement               |       Status:  reopened
 Priority:  normal                    |    Milestone:  2.7     
Component:  Comments                  |      Version:  2.7     
 Severity:  normal                    |   Resolution:          
 Keywords:  has-patch Walker_Comment  |  
Changes (by filosofo):

  * keywords:  needss-patch Walker_Comment => has-patch Walker_Comment


 Patch consistent_start_el_args.diff fixes this on two levels:
  * It checks to make sure that {{{$args[0]}}} is actually an array.  The
 empty check was pointless, since it should never be empty.
  * If fixes a more fundamental problem: {{{walk_page_tree()}}} calls the
 "walk" method with arguments in an inconsistent order.  One of these is
 not like the others in argument order, and it's the "start_el" method for
 {{{Walker_Page}}} (defined on line 1155 of wp-includes/classes.php):

 {{{ wp-admin/includes/template.php:412: function start_el(&$output,
 $category, $depth, $args) { }}}
 {{{ wp-includes/comment-template.php:1151:      function
 start_el(&$output, $comment, $depth, $args) { }}}
 {{{ wp-includes/classes.php:782:        function start_el(&$output)  {}
 '''{{{ wp-includes/classes.php:1155:    function start_el(&$output, $page,
 $depth, $current_page, $args) { }}}'''
 {{{ wp-includes/classes.php:1233:       function start_el(&$output, $page,
 $depth, $args) { }}}
 {{{ wp-includes/classes.php:1310:       function start_el(&$output,
 $category, $depth, $args) { }}}
 {{{ wp-includes/classes.php:1425:       function start_el(&$output,
 $category, $depth, $args) { }}}

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