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#8022: non-DISTINCT query in get_archives for postbypost
 Reporter:  kevinB    |        Owner:  anonymous
     Type:  defect    |       Status:  new      
 Priority:  low       |    Milestone:  2.7      
Component:  Template  |      Version:  2.7      
 Severity:  normal    |   Resolution:           
 Keywords:            |  
Comment (by mrmist):

 You'll have to excuse my lack of knowing what you mean by "filterable".

 However, in SQL terms adding a distinct to this query is redundant. The
 query is doing a SELECT * on a table that has an auto increment column, so
 all your results are guaranteed distinctness unless your database is
 seriously broken, by virtue of the ID column.  The DISTINCT will just
 impose overhead.

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