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#5599: Sporadic timeout /wp-includes/gettext.php
 Reporter:  WhitewolfFox              |        Owner:  westi   
     Type:  defect                    |       Status:  assigned
 Priority:  highest omg bbq           |    Milestone:  2.6     
Component:  General                   |      Version:  2.3.2   
 Severity:  critical                  |   Resolution:          
 Keywords:  gettext unpack() timeout  |  
Comment (by Jnet):

 I got similar problems for several of my clients using a .mo-file. I tried
 the fix suggested by [http://trac.wordpress.org/ticket/5599#comment:14
 codestyling] and [http://trac.wordpress.org/ticket/3780#comment:23 #3780],
 both without success. System/Wordpress configs:

 ° Wordpress 2.2.1 and 2.5[[BR]]
 ° PHP 5.2.5 and PHP 5.2.6[[BR]]
 ° Apache 2.0.59[[BR]]
 ° Intel Xeon 2.80GHz (i386 architecture), Intel Xeon 3.00GHz Dual Core
 (i386 architecture) and Intel Xeon 2.50GHz Quad Core (x86_64
 ° CentOS 4[[BR]]

 At this moment, disabling the language setting with

 define ('WPLANG', '');

 is the only thing that prevents the timeout.


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