[wp-trac] [WordPress Trac] #7171: wpdb::insert() & wpdb::update() need to allow typecasting of params.

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Tue Jun 24 05:03:57 GMT 2008

#7171: wpdb::insert() & wpdb::update() need to allow typecasting of params.
 Reporter:  DD32            |       Owner:  anonymous   
     Type:  enhancement     |      Status:  new         
 Priority:  normal          |   Milestone:  2.7         
Component:  Administration  |     Version:  2.6         
 Severity:  normal          |    Keywords:  dev-feedback
 As a follow up to: http://trac.wordpress.org/ticket/6836#comment:8

 insert() and update() should prepare the values before inserting/updating

 I see 2 options;

  1. 3rd param to insert() & update() which specifies the field types; Eg:
 http://trac.wordpress.org/ticket/6836#comment:9 [[BR]]The downside to that
 is it'll require the type to be specified on each insert/update statement

  2. defining the field-types in an array to check against eg:
 $wpdb->fields = array( $wpdb->posts => array('ID' => '%d', 'post_content'
 => '%s') );

 in insert():
 foreach( (array)$data as $key => $value )
    if( isset($this->fields[ $table ][ $key ]) )
        $data[$key] = sprintf($this->fields[ $table ][ $key ], $value);
 The downside of this approach, Is that it'll require the list to be kept
 updated, However, it has the advantage of being kept updated in a single

 If theres a preference for either method, I'm happy to roll up a patch for

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