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Mon Jun 23 08:46:36 GMT 2008

#6682: Preview link shows an out of date version
 Reporter:  DanCoulter         |        Owner:  azaozz
     Type:  defect             |       Status:  new   
 Priority:  normal             |    Milestone:  2.6   
Component:  Administration     |      Version:  2.5   
 Severity:  minor              |   Resolution:        
 Keywords:  has-patch blessed  |  
Comment (by azaozz):

 Changed the above patch to wait for autosave to complete (to enable the
 buttons again) before showing the preview. Trade off is that the preview
 window will remain blank until autosave is done, may look as if the server
 is a bit slow sometimes.

 We can show a mini-preview in a tab, however the editor area is quite
 small compared to the link above, so the preview will not be as good.
 Another option might be to show it in a ThickBox, similar to the theme

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