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#5117: WordPress (plugin) updates do not warn about unknown plugins
 Reporter:  Quandary                     |        Owner:  strider72
     Type:  defect                       |       Status:  assigned 
 Priority:  high                         |    Milestone:  2.6      
Component:  Administration               |      Version:  2.6      
 Severity:  normal                       |   Resolution:           
 Keywords:  admin, plugins, needs-patch  |  
Changes (by strider72):

  * owner:  matt => strider72
  * status:  new => assigned


 By "UI mockup", are we just talking a screenshot or code?  I'll get on
 this, as I would really like to see it happen. :)

 As far as visuals go, I'm very much in favor of putting the info in a
 column instead of the bar beneath each plugin.  Perhaps we can add some
 indicator to the Version column itself.

 I propose a new optional header line for plugins: "Update URL".  If a
 plugin is not on WP-Extend, an author can put the download page URL there.

 On the plugins page, in the Version column, show the version as we do now.
 In the same cell, just below the version:

 1) If checked and no update: nothing

 2) If checked and update available: "Version X.X is available.  Download |
 Auto Update"

 3) If not found on WP Extend:

      a) If plugin has "Update URL" header: "Updates not checked.
 [LINK:check manually]".
         Link appends "?plugname=___&ver=___&wpver=___" to end of URL so
 that page can programatically respond if it wants to.  Some authors may
 make a single update.php that handles multiple plugins.  Also might be
 good for author's logs.

      b) If plugin lacks "Update URL" header: "(not checked for updates)"

 I will make a visual mockup and get it up -- hopefully this evening.

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