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#6016: Whitespace is not trimmed from teaser/extended entries
 Reporter:  redsweater  |        Owner:  josephscott
     Type:  defect      |       Status:  new        
 Priority:  normal      |    Milestone:  2.6        
Component:  XML-RPC     |      Version:             
 Severity:  normal      |   Resolution:             
 Keywords:              |  
Comment (by redsweater):

 Somehow we need to get the text as provided by web clients to reliably
 line up with what you get through wp-admin. I think one step in that
 direction could be to remove the hardcoded "\n" characters in xmlrpc.php,
 surrounding the more tag.

 This makes sense to me because it allows a client to carefully construct a
 "no newlines" example as you suggest, but also works well with the likely
 scenario of a client with separate fields typing in a trailing newline at
 the end of the teaser section.

 The secondary change then would be to make sure that this combined
 teaser/extended post body gets processed in exactly the same way as the
 wp-admin submitted text. I am not sure if this is happening right now.


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