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#5869: Yet another email problem with Sender line
 Reporter:  nberardi  |        Owner:  anonymous
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 Priority:  normal    |    Milestone:  2.5      
Component:  General   |      Version:  2.3.3    
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Changes (by Otto42):

  * summary:  Weird GoDaddy Problem With WordPress => Yet another email
              problem with Sender line


 Adding an ini_set line instead doesn't actually fix the problem. It's the
 same solution as setting the Sender, just in a different location.

 Here's the thing: Some hosts work with the Sender line, some don't. Some
 hosts need the Sender line, some don't. Now, understand why: The Sender
 line sets the sendmail_from parameter. On some hosts, this parameter is
 necessary to make it through their mail systems. On some hosts, it's not.
 On yet some other hosts, setting this means that the email address you use
 must actually exist.

 Upshot: We should always include the Sender line *and* ensure that the
 email address being used actually exists. This case is the only case that
 will pass through all email systems encountered.

 Problem: We have no way to verify that an email address exists or to
 create our own address.

 Result: We cannot use "wordpress at example.com" for the sender's email
 address anymore. We have to use a user-specified address as the Sender, an
 address which the administrator claims to exist.

 Proposed suggestion: Use the admin's email address as the sender, from the
 General Options page.

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