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#4260: Maintaining context of current plugin can simplfy i18n API
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Changes (by darkdragon):

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 The i18n API has been simplified enough. While the code might work, in the
 context of the code it is contained in. Placing it in the code of
 !WordPress might not do so well. I don't think the stack method
 implementation is the best solution.

 Furthermore the means to get this to work correctly, would further slow
 down !WordPress. I think it is a nice idea, but production wise, unless
 there is a better implementation. I think I agree that better
 documentation should and will be written to further educate plugin authors
 on how to use the current API implementation.

 The current i18n API implementation isn't that difficult and I'll be
 willing to write those tutorials today and tomorrow.

 The best fix for this, is really education, which causes no performance
 overhead and testing.

 Thanks for providing a proof a concept!

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