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#8640: 2 new functions for Plugin API.
 Reporter:  momo360modena  |        Owner:     
     Type:  enhancement    |       Status:  new
 Priority:  normal         |    Milestone:  2.8
Component:  Plugins        |      Version:  2.7
 Severity:  minor          |   Resolution:     
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Changes (by jacobsantos):

  * milestone:  2.7.1 => 2.8


 Well, I suppose it really depends, if the overhead doesn't make sense to
 that function.

 I forget what other function it was that wanted to be added to the
 add_filter and add_action, but it didn't make sense at the time.

 Add overhead the majority of people are not going to use will lower the
 limit of actions and filters that can be run before the total equals more
 than a second in itself.

 Adding an if statement might not seem like much, but the CPU still has to
 make an decision on whether or not it should choose the branch that goes
 into the if statement or the one that ignores it. If it chooses wrong,
 then it has to start over.

 However, making multiple function calls might be more than the overhead of
 the single if statement.

 New functions / features usually aren't added to a minor release.

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