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#8501: Any newlines in submitted text are converted to rn
 Reporter:  iquito   |       Owner:  anonymous               
     Type:  defect   |      Status:  new                     
 Priority:  high     |   Milestone:                          
Component:  General  |     Version:  2.6.1                   
 Severity:  major    |    Keywords:  newlines, rnrn, escaping
 Since about June/July 2008 I noticed that any submitted content with
 wordpress on my server results in all newlines being converted to "rn" -
 it does not matter if a comment is submitted or a blog article is written.

 I removed all plugins and upgraded to 2.6.5 to have an absolutely clean
 installation, I also turned off magic quotes in case this could have
 something to do with it - yet the problem still occured.

 After a lot of wordpress code digging, I found out where exactly the
 problem starts - in /wp-includes/functions.php in the function
 "add_magic_quotes" in the line "$array[$k] = $wpdb->escape( $v );" ,
 called from wp-settings.php on lines 464 to 467.

 $wpdb->escape should only perform an addslashes on $v, yet "$array[$k] =
 $wpdb->escape( $v );" and "$array[$k] = addslashes( $v );" do not produce
 the same results - $wpdb->escape converts every \n to an actually visible
 \n and basically eradicates the newline (instead of escaping it), that's
 why \r\n ends up becoming rn when a stripslashes is performed later.

 $wpdb->escape behaves the same way when called on the explicit $_POST
 variable in global context.

 I cannot explain the reason for this behaviour, it does not really make
 sense - the most logical thing I can think of is that it's a PHP bug, the
 bug appears with Wordpress 2.4, 2.5 and also 2.6.5 (all versions I have
 tried), the version I am using now. I use PHP 5.2.6 (on debian), and I
 think I started to notice the problem some time after the upgrade from
 5.2.5 to 5.2.6 (I'm not an extremely active blogger, so it took some time
 to notice).

 I will upgrade to PHP 5.2.7 soon, yet still this is maybe a problem which
 should be looked at, especially if it's not fixed in 5.2.7 .

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