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Tue Jul 31 14:45:10 GMT 2007

#4466: Serve application/xhtml+xml if browser compliant
 Reporter:  werwin                        |        Owner:  anonymous   
     Type:  enhancement                   |       Status:  new         
 Priority:  low                           |    Milestone:  2.4 (future)
Component:  Optimization                  |      Version:  2.2.1       
 Severity:  minor                         |   Resolution:              
 Keywords:  xhtml, application/xhtml+xml  |  
Comment (by idle):

 I have been doing this for about two years on my blog, and had no problems
 at all. As a matter of fact, I've managed to turn my old hack into a
 usable plugin. I just need to put it out there for others to download. :)

 Basically, it checks the accept string of the browser, determines the
 priorities (some browsers may support application/xhtml+xml, yet prefer
 text/html), sets the "html_type" variable accordingly, and appends the
 appropriate meta content tag to wp_head().

 Until I do get around submitting the plugin, you can always
 [mailto:idle at iceware.net email] me if you want to try it out. :)

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