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#4647: Text in database is inconsistently entity-encoded
 Reporter:  redsweater  |        Owner:  anonymous   
     Type:  defect      |       Status:  new         
 Priority:  normal      |    Milestone:  2.4 (future)
Component:  General     |      Version:  2.2.1       
 Severity:  normal      |   Resolution:              
 Keywords:              |  
Comment (by redsweater):

 I was going to write another bug suggesting that the XML-RPC interface
 should do something to mitigate the effect this has on XML-RPC clients.
 But on further thought I think it's probably best that the XML-RPC
 interface serve as an honest interface to the content in the database.
 This should be fixed in the code that inappropriately inserts the entity-
 encoded text in the affected fields.

 For example, it turns out that the XML-RPC interface's honesty is double-
 edged. I can write a post with content "Trial & Tribulation" and submit
 via XML-RPC, and it goes into the database without the problematic
 encoding. It's only when entered via the WordPress editor that the
 problematic encoding occurs.

 However, a Category submitted via XML-RPC wp.newCategory does suffer the
 entity encoding problem, and goes into the database with it.

 Long story short, anything that writes text to the database should, I
 think, take pains to make sure it goes in verbatim, and not entity

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