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#4645: Wordpress page editor "forgets" submit button on form
 Reporter:  Nosve    |       Owner:  anonymous   
     Type:  defect   |      Status:  new         
 Priority:  normal   |   Milestone:              
Component:  General  |     Version:  2.2         
 Severity:  major    |    Keywords:  forms submit
 I have two pages, 'Content' and 'Feedback', on the Wordpress-based site
 redesign I'm working on
 (http://www.genocideintervention.net/testdrive/wordpress) that have forms
 on them. Most of the form's inputs (text and textarea types) appear just
 fine. However, there is a bug regarding the 'submit' button of either
 form. As soon as I add the button to the page code and save, it appears on
 the site just fine. If I ever go back to the page editor and edit the page
 further, however, it's as if the site forgets the button ever existed. The
 submit button disappears from the page, along with the <tr> and <td> that
 it was contained in. Even more strangely, the submit button isn't even
 really ''gone''--it appears in the page editor window, right below the
 page content text box, as you can see in the attached screencap. It has
 just disappeared from the code and the site.

 I know the form works--I've tested it during the times immediately
 proceeding my adding the submit button code. But having to rewrite my
 submit <td> after every tweak is driving me mad! And while I don't know if
 this bug could have malicious applications, having page code apparently
 executing within the editor can't be a good thing...

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