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#1247: Can't upload images to blog via XML-RPC (i.e. using gnome-blog)
 Reporter:  glabelle     |        Owner:  anonymous
     Type:  enhancement  |       Status:  new      
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Component:  XML-RPC      |      Version:  1.5      
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Comment (by RuddO):

 It's a non-confirm here, since I'm using Flock and apparently flock does
 not support image uploading to WordPress, BUT the RFE is still marked
 open.  Is it working for you?  I'd love to know so I can coax the Flock
 devs into building this functionality into their blog posting tool.

 On another, more technical side of things, if WP indeed has this
 capability, how does it work?  Where does it upload the files?  Does it
 create a new "attachment post" and generate a thumbnail I can use on my
 program?  I'd love if blog post editors did this on the fly, just like WP
 does right now, but there's the need for support this kind of paradigm in
 the server side as well.

 For now, I'm copywriting my articles in flock, then adding images via the
 WP post editor (I HATE IT) just as soon as the post is published.

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