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Tue Jan 23 07:09:16 GMT 2007

#3633: Error in non-UTF8 encoding (for example WINDOWS-1251)
 Reporter:  maxsite                               |        Owner:  anonymous
     Type:  defect                                |       Status:  new      
 Priority:  normal                                |    Milestone:  2.1.1    
Component:  Administration                        |      Version:  2.1      
 Severity:  normal                                |   Resolution:           
 Keywords:  patch commit UTF8, charset, encoding  |  
Changes (by nbachiyski):

  * keywords:  UTF8, charset, encoding => patch commit UTF8, charset,
  * milestone:  2.2 => 2.1.1


 By the way I way I was wrong to some extent :-) When testing the latest
 Bulgarian version in Konqueror I came across a similira to your situation
 in the Dashboard and it turned out that the file, which delivers the news,
 {{{index-extra.php}}}, does not specify encoding, so the encoding mangles.
 My locale on the system is UTF-8 and thus it looks like that Firefox
 assumes UTF-8 for all files and that is why I haven't experienced the
 problem before.

 Unfortunately there isn't such a problem with the encoding of the AJAX
 responser for the category addition feature :(

 Yeap, you are absolutely right that in MySQL UTF-8 works too much out-of-
 the-box. It is more like a bug (aka accidental feature), than a feature :)

 About the conversion - another deficiency of the conversion approach is
 the dependancy of a conversion library (e.g. iconv). Anyway - I guess it
 could be a nice plugin.

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