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#3080: wp_list_pages() is not closing the </li> in some circumstances
 Reporter:  JeremyVisser     |        Owner:  ryan    
     Type:  defect           |       Status:  reopened
 Priority:  highest omg bbq  |    Milestone:  2.1     
Component:  Template         |      Version:  2.1     
 Severity:  critical         |   Resolution:          
 Keywords:  bughunt          |  
Changes (by markjaquith):

  * priority:  high => highest omg bbq
  * severity:  normal => critical


 Seems to be the opposite case: redundantly closed {{{</li>}}}

 Here's what I see on Binary Bonsai:

 <ul class="menu">
         <li class="current_page_item"><a href="http://binarybonsai.com/"
         <li class="page_item"><a href="http://binarybonsai.com/archives/"
         <li class="page_item"><a href="http://binarybonsai.com/wordpress/"
         <li class="page_item"><a href="http://binarybonsai.com/about/"

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