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#3606: [B] and [I] buttons shouold insert bold and italic tags
 Reporter:  nickshanks      |        Owner:  anonymous
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Comment (by markjaquith):

 I think the reasoning is thus:

  * most of the time, {{{<strong>}}} and {{{<em>}}} are semantically
  * most users don't know about {{{<strong>}}} and {{{<em>}}}, but do know
 about {{{b}}} and {{{i}}} from word processors
  * people who know the semantic difference will likely just hand-code it

 Of course, this solution does keep the ignorant masses ignorant.  But then
 again, I don't know if it's really the job of a WYSIWYG HTML editor to
 teach HTML semantics to people who haven't given the topic a moment's
 thought before now and just want to write a blog post about how their boss
 is <em>such</em> a butthead.

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