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#3723: Tagging
 Reporter:  ryan         |        Owner:  ryan
     Type:  enhancement  |       Status:  new 
 Priority:  normal       |    Milestone:  2.2 
Component:  General      |      Version:  2.1 
 Severity:  normal       |   Resolution:      
 Keywords:  tags         |  
Comment (by matt):

 "Putting tags into the categories table would be enough to make me switch
 away from Wordpress, or at least to patch it to disable all core tags
 entirely and go back to UTW."

 I'm surprised you care more about the technical implementation of a
 feature than the user experience. We could put it in the options table and
 if it scaled and worked well people would use it. I haven't heard a good
 technical reason to not put it in the existing categories table, other
 than people who are obsessing over the semantics of what it's called.

 WE ARE NOT SAYING CATEGORIES ARE TAGS. Please re-read that sentence, and
 look at the actual code being produced. If we thought they were the same
 thing, this issue wouldn't even exist.

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