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#3767: Default theme (Kubrick) should use the blog's default date format, not "F
jS, Y"
 Reporter:  johnbillion                         |        Owner:  anonymous
     Type:  defect                              |       Status:  new      
 Priority:  low                                 |    Milestone:  2.2      
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 Severity:  trivial                             |   Resolution:           
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Comment (by johnbillion):

 Ryan, you're absolutely right about context, however the two formats used
 in Kubrick hardly differ at all and the theme would not suffer if they
 were distilled into one.

 The two formats are

  * `F jS, Y` which produces something like February 11th 2007
  * `l, F jS, Y` which produces something like Sunday, 11th February, 2007

 the only difference being the displaying of the day of the week.

 Third party themes should still be free to choose the format which the
 date is displayed in (which they of course are) when it is appropriate,
 for example in a situation where the default date might not be concise
 enough. I think this is beyond the discussion of this ticket though
 because it is to do with raising awareness of using the default date
 format where possible in third party themes.

 The point which I am trying to address is that surely WordPress noobs (and
 indeed seasoned users) would expect the date format to change on his/her
 default template according to the changes they make to the default date
 format under `Options`.

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