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Sat Dec 22 03:19:29 GMT 2007

#4235: Improve did_action to show information on callers.
 Reporter:  majelbstoat                |        Owner:  anonymous
     Type:  enhancement                |       Status:  closed   
 Priority:  normal                     |    Milestone:           
Component:  General                    |      Version:  2.2      
 Severity:  trivial                    |   Resolution:  wontfix  
 Keywords:  did_action caller filters  |  
Changes (by darkdragon):

  * keywords:  did_action caller filters hunt-irrelevant => did_action
               caller filters
  * status:  new => closed
  * resolution:  => wontfix
  * milestone:  2.4 =>


 1. With the improvements to the 'all' hook, I don't believe this should be
 part of the core.[[BR]]
  1. {{{did_actions()}}} is used specifically for how many times an action
 was called. Breaking this will cause a regression.[[BR]]
  1. debug_backtrace that would need to be used was added in 4.3.0, so
 until the requirements of WordPress is increased for PHP, then I don't
 think this feature can be properly implemented.

 Also, it has had no traction for a while.

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