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#3136: RTL Support
 Reporter:  ryan            |        Owner:  ryan
     Type:  defect          |       Status:  new 
 Priority:  normal          |    Milestone:  2.1 
Component:  Administration  |      Version:  2.1 
 Severity:  normal          |   Resolution:      
 Keywords:  i18n RTL        |  
Comment (by ryan):

 With regard to permalinks, I think we need a little permalink_locale
 option in the DB in order to avoid breaking permalinks during an upgrade
 or when switching locales around.  Here's the thinking:

  * Store permalink strings in locale.php or use gettext somewhere in
 wp_rewrite but don't make the gettext strings "hot".

  * During a new install, if we have permalink string translations for the
 current locale, set permalink_locale to the current locale.  If the
 strings aren't translated (not in locale.php or not translated with
 gettext, depending on which way we go), leave permalink_locale empty.

  * If doing an upgrade, leave permalink_locale blank unless
 PERMALINK_LOCALE is set in wp-confing.php. If PERMALINK_LOCALE is set and
 translations exist for the permalink strings, set permalink_locale to
 PERMALINK_LOCALE.  We do this to avoid breaking existing permalinks.  We
 don't want permalinks to suddenly change languages just because of an
 updated po file or locale.php.

  * In the WP_Rewrite class, consult permalink_locale and use the
 translated permalink strings if it is set.

  * Plugins can manipulate permalink_locale if they need to.  We'll have a
 filter on it.

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