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#3131: Question about Changeset 4184 -- Or, request for enhancement
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Comment (by chacon):

 I missed this discussion...and for that I am sorry.

 But my earlier observation still stands -- if users do not want the text
 after the "more" quicktag to show up on the "full" feed, they can solve
 that with the "Better Feed" plugin by Ozh.  It can be found here --

 Even though these other forum members (in thread <a
 href="http://trac.wordpress.org/ticket/2582">#2582</a>) might call me
 "schitzo" in wanting to have a shorter front page yet longer full feeds, I
 don't think that I am the only one that wants this.

 For example, I would bet money that Paul Stamatiou
 (http://paulstamatiou.com) agrees with me.  He is one who uses "more"
 quicktags to shorten his front page but wants full feeds (even the part
 after the "more" quicktag).

 For more evidence, of the "other view", I offer you this thread --

 In the meantime, I will exercise self-help and reverse out the changes
 made by Changeset 4184.

 You can close this ticket if you want, but I encourage you to ask a wider
 audience or, someday, let the user decide on the "Options --> Reading"
 pane of the admin area.

 Ryan, thanks for the quick response and, since I have not said it to you
 in the past --> thank you so much for all of your hard work making this
 such a wonderful platform.  I see your name on SVN way too much to have
 not said thank you in the past.  Thank you.

 -- Jerry

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