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#3123: Login Form Improvements
 Reporter:  Viper007Bond    |       Owner:  anonymous
     Type:  enhancement     |      Status:  new      
 Priority:  low             |   Milestone:  2.1      
Component:  Administration  |     Version:  2.1      
 Severity:  minor           |    Keywords:           
 As mentioned on wp-hackers. Please note that I just went over this with a
 fine tooth comb, but it still needs a little testing and double checking
 just to be sure. ;)

 Demo: http://test.viper007bond.com/wordpress-latest/wp-login.php

 What's new (oh where to begin?!):

 * {{{wp-register.php}}} moved to {{{wp-login.php?action=register}}} and
 redirect added in {{{wp-register.php}}}

 * Registration page is currently only like half styled in the SVN. This
 has been fixed.

 * Multiple errors can now be displayed for each form

 * Bottom links made to look pretty (they looked bad if registration was

 * Fixed some display issues in IE

 * Made the WP logo much easier to click in FF (it was all funky before)

 * Removal of all references to {{{wp_die()}}}. All errors and messages
 (nearly) are now reported via the standard error area.

 And the most important:

 * Tons of new hooks and filters

 You can now restyle the login pages however you want due to the addition
 of a hook into the {{{<head>}}}.

 Each form also now has a hook in it so that you add new input fields (say
 their sex or birthday or even a CAPTCHA). There's also of course a new
 hook for each that allows you to handle the {{{$_POST}}} and then set an
 error if your field is left blank, not filled in correctly, etc. This
 error will be displayed like any other error.

 For example, check out this example which was created via a
 [http://files.viper007bond.com/wordpress/loginformexample.phps very simple


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