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#2733: Value in class-snoopy.php is set too high and can sometimes cause problems
       Id:  2733            |      Status:  new                     
Component:  Administration  |    Modified:  Thu May 18 02:18:11 2006
 Severity:  normal          |   Milestone:  2.0.3                   
 Priority:  normal          |     Version:  1.2                     
    Owner:  anonymous       |    Reporter:  JeremyVisser            
 ''Please read footnote at the bottom.''

 I use WordPress 2.0.2 which contains a copy of Snoopy

 I recently ran into a problem where the Dashboard
 would simply terminate with no feedback whatsoever
 during a call to {{{fread()}}} in the {{{_httprequest()}}} function in
 {{{wp-includes/class-snoopy.php}}} while my wp-slimstat plugin was

 After many hours of debugging, I found that changing the default value of
 {{{$maxlength}}} from 500000 to 8192 fixed the problem.

 At first, I thought this was due to the [http://www.duechiacchiere.it/wp-
 slimstat/ WP-SlimStat] plugin being activated, but later I
 [http://narnia.bounceme.net/jeremy/2006/04/21/bad-snoopy/ concluded] it
 was just because of the extra memory used by he plugin that was tipping
 the memory limit over.

 I think that the default value should be permanently
 changed to 8192, because according to the PHP
 documentation on fread()
 (http://www.php.net/manual/en/function.fread.php) the
 reading of file will stop at 8192 bytes anyway, so
 having the value of $maxlength any higher would be
 pointless, and in my case, cause problems.

 Regards, Jeremy.

 ''This is a modified copy of the bug report I filed at
 http://sf.net/projects/snoopy/. The folks at Snoopy seem to be pretty
 idle, because I haven't had any feedback on my bug report, but I really
 would like this fixed as it does appear to cause problems with certain
 configurations in WordPress. I would like to see this fixed in the Snoopy
 included with WP, as it won't really harm anything to change the value
 from 500000 to 8192.''

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