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Tue May 9 06:46:45 GMT 2006

#1526: have wp-atom.php generate Atom 1.0 (fix attached)
       Id:  1526         |      Status:  assigned                
Component:  General      |    Modified:  Tue May  9 06:46:45 2006
 Severity:  enhancement  |   Milestone:  2.1                     
 Priority:  normal       |     Version:  2.0.2                   
    Owner:  markjaquith  |    Reporter:  comatoast               
Comment (by enricopulatzo):

 re: NikolasCo
 You're 100% percent right I should be issuing patches to the previously
 uploaded file--sorry about that.  The reason I didn't was a poor one
 (namely I created something that worked for me before seeing the work
 others had put in).  My files were created prior to me checking trac and I
 really shouldn't have added them to the mix (at the very least not on
 someone else's thread.

 The CDATA issue is that when you have elements that have a type="xhtml"
 you lose the semantic benefits by wrapping the content in a CDATA block.
 From my understanding of a CDATA block, data encapsulated won't
 necessarily mean anything to an XML interpreter.  If you use type="xhtml"
 in Atom the content better be well-formatted XHTML.

 I'll rework my offering based on what you've already added, with the
 exception of the CDATA part--that shouldn't be there.  If people want to
 use XML feeds then by golly, they should be offering well-formed XML feeds
 (the whole "be liberal in what you accept but strict in what you offer"

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