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#2616: Pluggable install functions
       Id:  2616            |      Status:  new                     
Component:  Administration  |    Modified:  Fri Mar 31 06:38:19 2006
 Severity:  normal          |   Milestone:  2.1                     
 Priority:  normal          |     Version:  2.0.2                   
    Owner:  ryan            |    Reporter:  ryan                    
 Move the heavy lifting done in install.php and upgrade.php into functions
 and make those functions pluggable.  Custom WP distro makers and i18n
 teams have requested pluggable install functions.  So, let's add these:

  * wp_install() - top level install function
  * wp_install_defaults() - Installs default post, page, links, cat, etc.
  * wp_new_blog_notification() - Sends the new blog email.
  * wp_upgrade() - Top level upgrade function.

 We might also want to make the schema pluggable.  Could be handy for those
 porting to other DBs or for those who want to have extra fields and tables
 out of the box.

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